Why BeFit
  • 24 hour 7 days per week access for all members
  • Mens and Womens locker rooms (showers and lockers)
  • 9,000 square feet
  • Artificial turf section
  • Selectorized Equipment
  • 2 Free weight area’s
  • Cardio Section
  • Functional Training Equipment

Our Story…

BeFit Performance started in June 2012 in Lakeville.  After working for a global gym my wife and I wanted to change the concept of what a gym is and how it feels.  We wanted our members to feel welcome and comfortable all while maintaining a sense of community.

My wife and I were 21 and 22 when we began our journey to start reshaping the way the fitness industry is done.  As the industry strived for numbers, we strive for relationships.  We put our clients first. Additionally, we wanted to help fitness professionals develop their careers, provide for their families and create jobs for our local community.

We huddled together for months designing our plan and how we were going to launch it. Over homemade spaghetti and meatball dinners is now what makes Be Fit Performance stand strong with our core values at the center.

You see.. we absolutely love what we do and only want what is best for our clients.  We strive to create an atmosphere that greets you with a friendly smile, high five you when you reach a goal and encourage you when you feel like giving up.  With servant hearts, we took on the tall task and started our business together, focusing on a result’s based and educational approach for each member.

We have grown immensely since our story started…and now have a community of members and employees that are positive, encouraging, fun, passionate, energetic, loving, joyful, and welcoming.  It’s an infectious environment fueled by the love of fitness and the pursuit of a #BeFitLife.

Come on in and STOP putting yourself through the Yo-Yo effect and get real RESULTS! We can’t wait to meet you!

Enjoying the Journey,

Brandin and Megan


Brandin McClay - CEO & President

As a former professional soccer player, Brandin McClay transitioned into the fitness industry after his career came to an end.  For over a decade, Brandin’s view of fitness has been shaped by his training experiences as a professional athlete in the U.S., Germany, and England with his exposure to a wide range of fitness philosophies and disciplines.  Incorporating the best practices he experienced as an athlete, Brandin entered the fitness industry with a simple goal:  design fitness goals to meet the needs of the individual.


After his career as a “footballer” and time spent in the fitness industry,  Brandin developed a passion for golf.  It did not take long for Brandin to became a competitive player, and is now invited to compete in local Pro-Am tournaments.  After eight years competing in the world of golf, he has decided to bring his fitness and golf expertise together as a certified TPI Golf Fitness Professional.  Brandin continues in his role as a private soccer coach and personal fitness instructor at BeFit Performance, while serving the golf community as a Golf Fitness Professional.  Additionally, he has served his community as an on-call Firefighter for the town of Lakeville since 2013.  He resides in Middleboro with his wife, Megan, 2 young boys, Cameron and Connor, and the family’s enthusiastic yellow lab, Stanley.

Shelby Armstrong - C.O.O/Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Cancer Exercise Specialist

“Come as you are, start slow, progress slow, stay consistent and see lasting results!”


Jon Hoffman- Head Coach

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Jon is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a B.S.B.A in Sport Management at Mount Ida College. He was a two-sport athlete at Apponequet R.H.S. who has returned to his home town to do what he loves best – empowering this community through functional movement!

Zach Wagner - DPT, CSCS

Wagner Physical Therapy & Performance is a cash-based clinic located inside BeFit Performance. The company was founded to provide the best possible Physical Therapy experience to Lakeville and the surrounding communities. All visits are one on one for a full hour and provide fully comprehensive, high quality care. Services include manual techniques, corrective exercise, general health and programming consultations and much more. Treatments are focused on the individual needs of the client and helping people learn about their body and how to keep it functioning optimally.
See More…

Sarah Procaccini

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Kirstin Dawson

Jason Harris- Certified Nutrition Coach PN2

Jason “FitProJ” Harris is a fitness professional that specializes in nutritional coaching. He holds
the industry’s top sport and exercise nutrition coach certification through Precision Nutrition.
He is also certified in personal training; certified through American Fitness Professionals and
Associates and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.
But years before that, he was overweight and out of shape at the age of 29. Back in 2006 he was
just under 300 pounds and fast approaching a very unhealthy 46 inch waistline. Being unfit was
becoming uncomfortable, inconvenient and it was time for a change. Exercise was a given, but he
knew that wasn’t enough. When it came to reaching his goal of transforming himself, Jason knew
the importance of improving his nutrition. That’s what he did. He reached, maintained and
exceeded his goal by changing his nutrition habits and has never looked back.
Fast forward about 14 years and here we are.
Jason has completed Precision Nutrition’s master class for nutritional coaching professionals and is
a certified PN level 2 supercoach. His professional nutrition coaching service guides and teaches
others the skills they need to achieve their own personal fitness goals. Now it’s your turn!
Jason is very excited to be a part of the BeFit Performance Center team!
Please don’t hesitate to approach him and ask to see his before and after pictures.
And please don’t take any offense to his “serious gym face” while in the middle of a workout;
it’s not personal 🙂 Remember fit fam, keep it simple, keep it movin’ and keep it real!

Visit me: http://nutritionbootcamps.com/befit

At Be Fit Performance we exist to help with your Fitness Journey. Whether you are just starting out or have been on the Fitness train for many years now, our 9,000 square foot facility and trainers are here to guide, advise and support you. We believe that everyone has the capacity to Love Fitness as soon as they discover the method of Fitness that suits them best. So, if you are looking for Free Weights, Circuit Training, Classes, Private or Semi Private training, we have you covered. Come in for a tour and get to know what separates us from other gyms and Fitness facilities in the area. Your healthy lifestyle is our mission and along the way, you will discover just how much fun Fitness can be. We can’t wait to meet you!

You may have seen it firsthand yourself, the New Year’s resolution rush to the gym.  New memberships skyrocket as the “crop” of well-intended folks sign up and decide that today is the day they get “in shape”.  They take a tour, sign up and maybe even take advantage of a “Free” personal training consultation. Afterwards they are set free into the gym to figure out how to use the equipment, train and build their bodies, on their own.  Some stay, many leave and excuses, sadly, become the daily norm:

  1. I’m Too Busy
  2. I’m Too Tired
  3. It Hurts When I Move Like That
  4. I Don’t Feel Comfortable Working Out in Front Of Other People
  5. I Don’t Know What I’m Doing When I Get There
Wanting to help folks address these excuses and eliminate them, Brandin began thinking and eventually obsessing over, “How”:
  1. How could he be there for all his clients?
  2. How could he assemble a community of dedicated, passionate individuals, who love their health and fitness and want to make the necessary steps to stay fit for life?
  3. How could he transform the way people New to Fitness, think about Fitness?
Rather than focusing on numbers on a scale or images of air brushed models, “How”:
  1. How could he teach people that the way you feel and the way you perform and the way your clothes fit is not reflected accurately on a weight scale?
  2. How could he show them that “Strong” is way sexier than “Skinny” any day (or night)?
  3. How could he show them that competing in your first 5K, Half Marathon or Spartan Race is just a matter of Will, Effort, Time and Dedication – It Can Be Done!
  4. How could he prove to people that the “Gym”, is not just a place to train, but a place to transform your Life and shape the World to your Will?
For Brandin it became clear that all of this would and could be answered, just not where he was working and training people at.  So, with a clear vision and unbreakable determination, Brandin shared his ideas of Fitness with some trusted folks and assembled a team of likeminded individuals who like him, have an unwavering belief in Fitness, Community and the Benefits that a Healthy Lifestyle can have on the individual and the people around them. Be Fit Performance was started and from a modest, 1400 square foot room offering one on one personal training the business has grown.  Today Be Fit Performance is housed in a 9,000 square foot facility which contains:
  1. Indoor Turf for the Adventurous
  2. Machines for Rehabbing
  3. Squat Racks for the Dedicated
  4. Cardio Equipment for those who need to get some Conditioning in
Designed by Brandin, a Trainer, with the help of other Trainers, Be Fit Performance has everything you need to find YOUR path to fitness and Stay on it!  Just like our Dedicated Members, Be Fit Performance is getting Better, Stronger and Fitter every day. We don’t expect you to stop your journey and we don’t plan on stopping our evolution.
Come in, meet Brandin and the team and see just how Awesome Fitness can be!