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BeFit Personal Training

To get LASTING RESULTS, you must first understand what your goals are!

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First- We Connect!

We approach everything from scratch. Starting with current/past health history, injuries and do a quick body fat analysis. Everyone has different goals, what are YOURS specifically?

Second- We Train!

We use Functional Movements Screens (FMS) to know exactly how YOU move and YOUR bodies trends. How can someone build you a program and promise you results if they don’t actually know you AND your body!?

Third- We Measure!

We give you direct feedback and project real and obtainable goals. Together we will build a Road Map to your Fitness Future!

Fourth- Team Up!

We build a team around you. Our BeFit Coaching staff are committed to provide everything you need to succeed in YOUR journey to a Fit Life. Let’s find the best BeFit Coach for you!


We use a Semi Private training model.

What is Semi Private Training? It consists of 1-4 people all seeking to become a better version of themselves who are all like-minded and want RESULTS! It’s a small group of people (up to 4) willing to push, pull, lift, drag, carry, snatch, squat, lunge and whatever else our awesome coaches have in store for you…. BUT all having fun accomplishing their efforts together.
You get the same customized monthly program as you would private AND the same attention you deserve BUT a fraction of the cost of 1on1 private training! To say it simpler.. Train more, pay less, get quicker RESULTS!

We believe in Coaching individuals to be and become the best version of themselves. We’re not just going to sit down with a clipboard and count reps. We are actually going to COACH you. High five you when you accomplish your achievements. And push you when you don’t think you can do it.. because we know you can!
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6 Month Commitment