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Corporate Memberships

Corporate Memberships

Be Fit Performance Corporate Memberships!

What’s good for your company’s health, is good for your company’s wealth!

Do you want rock star employees? Do you want to boost morale within your workspace? Do you want your employees to feel valued and appreciated?

Employees who are motivated, productive and loyal are getting harder to find. We want to help your company be a solution in your employee’s well-being.

Lets first start with some mind blowing numbers.
For every $1 invested in our wellness program, your company will save $3 in health care cost!
A Recent study revealed that an average of $650 per employee per year was saved when enrolled into a healthcare partnership. Reducing company healthcare costs by 20-30% adding to company profits!

The benefits are for both you as the employer and also to your employees.
An increasing number of companies are introducing corporate gym memberships.. why?
2 out of 3 employees leave the workplace stressed, anxious, due to longer workdays, bigger workloads, and longer hours! What happens is employees take these feelings home with them, bottle them up, and let manifest into long term which often results in insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Instead of bottling it all up, employees can eliminate work tension in the gym. Exercise is a natural stress buster, which can reduce the risk of anxiety and depression by 30%. Exercise can also improve your sleep quality which gives your employees more energy, more energy = more motivation, more motivation= ultimately more productive employees!

Action Step! Enroll your employees in our fitness and health club.

2-9 employees $25/card
10+ employees $20/card
No Enrollment Fee’s
All corporate memberships are purchased through the Company which holds and manages all accounts
6-month commitment with Auto-Renew