About Us

We are a Private 24/7 Gym and Performance Center!

When you walk in to Be Fit Performance you see a 9000 square foot facility that could be for anyone but isn't for everyone. From turf for the adventurous, to machines for rehabbing, squat racks for the dedicated, and various cardio for everyone, we have everything you need to find YOUR path to fitness. But we didn't start this way. Be Fit Performance is the brainchild of Brandin McClay, a former professional soccer player and native to this area. Working for a "globo gym" he realized that he wanted to work for a company that cared about the members and not the volume. He wanted to change the way fitness was done in the area.

At Be Fit Performance we exist to help with your fitness journey.  Whether you are just starting out or have been on the fitness train for many years now, our staff and educated trainers are here to guide, advise and support you.  We believe that everyone has the capacity to love fitness as soon as they discover the method of fitness that suits them best.  So, if you are looking for Free Weights, Circuit Training, Classes, Personal Training, Nutrition or Programming plans we have you covered.  Come in for a tour and see for yourself what separates us from other gyms and fitness facilities in the area. 

Your healthy lifestyle is our mission and along the way, you will discover just how much fun fitness can be.  

We can’t wait to meet you!

We offer Results by Design, not by Coincidence

Fitness Community

With over 400 members, we can honestly say, we have the best community! It is always our goal to have an environment of people, from staff to our members, who are helpful and encouraging.

24/7 GYM

  • State of the art equipment 
  • 30 yard Turf section
  • Cardio
  • Free Weights
  • Squat Racks
  • Selectorized Machines
  • Hammer Strength Machines
  • Functional Equipment

Services Offered

Personal Training

Group Fitness

Sports Training

Customized Programming and Nutrition