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  • Don't be fooled by low cost memberships

    Don't be fooled by low cost memberships
  • Be Fit Performance


    Be Fit Performance
  • Get Fit, Stay Fit, Be Fit


    Get Fit, Stay Fit, Be Fit

Working Hours

  • Monday 4:00AM - 9:00PM
  • Tuesday 4:00AM - 9:00PM
  • Wednesday 4:00AM - 9:00PM
  • Thursday 4:00AM - 9:00PM
  • Friday 4:00AM - 8:00PM
  • Saturday 6.00AM - 3.00PM
  • Sunday Day Of Rest


  • Be Fit Total 360 Mon-Fri 6:15AM-7:15AM Gretchen Almy
  • Be Fit Total 360 Tuesday / Thursday 5:15AM - 6:15AM Gretchen Almy
  • Be Fit Xtreme Mon - Thurs 7 pm - 8 pm, Tue & Thurs 6 am - 7 am, Sat 7 am - 8 am Ed Matanes

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Be Fit Total 360

We run 7 Group Fitness Classes per week $99/mo unlimited group and unlimited use of fitness center

Be Fit Youth Strength

Ages for Jr High 12 to 14, High School 14 to 18. This is a strengthing and conditioning classes.

Be Fit Xtreme

This class is not intended for beginners. This is a fully functional training class that is designed to entertain that competitive side!







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our classes

  • Be Fit Total 360,

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    • Mon-Fri 6:15AM-7:15AM
    • Gretchen Almy
    • Fitness Center
    • Members
  • Be Fit Total 360,

    Be Fit Total 360

    view timetable
    • Tuesday / Thursday 5:15AM - 6:15AM
    • Gretchen Almy
    • Fitness Center
    • Members
  • Jr High / High School Strengthening,

    Ages for Jr High 12 to 14, High School 14 to 18. This is a strengthing and conditioning class.

    view timetable
    • Mon / Weds 5 PM - 6 PM
    • Alec Klevecka
    • Fitness Center
    • Members
  • Be Fit Extreme,

    Extreme fitness our way

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    • Mon - Thurs 7 pm - 8 pm, Tue & Thurs 6 am - 7 am, Sat 7 am - 8 am
    • Ed Matanes
    • Fitness Center
    • Members

Our thoughts

Latest from the blog

  • Roberto Font

    “Prior to joining Be Fit Performance, I’ve had what I thought were good personal trainers in NJ and VT. Be Fit Performance has provided me with what I now know is excellence in Will Amaral. He has a vast repertoire of exercises and he, like the Be Fit Performance encourages, is able to adapt exercises to fit my own fitness level. He is able to tailor my fitness program so that I am able to continue to achieve my personal fitness goals. I always know that my sessions are planned according to my strengths and weaknesses because of the thorough knowledge of exercises and techniques that are offered. So, whether your goal is weight loss, strength building or endurance or individual or group sessions, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve always looked forward to all of my sessions with a motivated staff. Bravo!
    Extremely Satisfied Client”
    — Roberto Font


  • Jack Souza

    “Upon retiring after 30 years as a police officer it was important to me to stay active and healthy. The “retiree” mindset too often includes becoming lazy and inactive. When I met Brandin prior to the opening of Be Fit Performance his personality, personal attention and his dedication to every client won me over. As one of the original clients of Be Fit Performance when they first opened I am pleased to have incorporated the ritual of attending my sessions into my weekly routine. Brandin and his staff are cordial, welcoming and always make you feel at home while providing the best personalized instruction and plan for healthy living. I feel healthier, stronger, and satisfied that I DO SOMETHING about my health and fitness. And I’m pleased that I’ve chosen to do it at Be Fit Performance. One on one attention, a workout regimen tailored specifically for you, and a staff that cares makes Be Fit the only choice if you’re serious about fitness and feeling good about yourself.

    Original Client from the Beginning”
    — Jack Souza


  • Kolleen DeAndrade

    “My son began training with Brandin about a year and a half ago. He first started at a gym with the hopes of improving his strength, speed, and agility. With the help of a sport specific one on one training program, he was able to improve tremendously in all three areas. His new gained abilities, as well as his self-confidence, have allowed him to advance in his favorite sport…..the sport of Hockey.
    -Excited Mom”
    — Kolleen DeAndrade


  • Jen Olivieri

    “Going to classes at Be Fit with Gretchen have made all the difference in my weekly routine. I look forward to class because it’s a fantastic workout and also because Gretchen somehow seems to streamline each workout to suit each participant’s strengths and weaknesses. By the time I walk out of class, I am feeling fit and ready to tackle the day. Having the small group attention from such a positive and knowledgeable trainer is a real bonus to going to classes at Be Fit. It’s unlike any gym experience I’ve had before and so worth it.”
    — Jen Olivieri


  • Sarah Savas Whowell

    “Predominately a runner, last April I decided to add some cross training into my routine and tried the BFX boot camp style class, I was hooked! I felt very weak in my upper body and could comfortably do 3 pushups. Since joining I feel so much stronger and happier too! I’m up to about 50 pushups no problem! I love the class and will continue to go indefinitely.”
    — Sarah Savas Whowell


  • Marisa B.

    “Will is an amazing personal trainer. I originally came to Will to get help for preparing for the bikini round in an upcoming pageant. Unlike other trainers, he was not just trying to help me get “skinny” as fast as they could. Instead, he helped me achieve my outward fitness goals, by creating a strong base that improved my strength and health, along with my fitness knowledge. After the pageant, I stayed with him for strength training for my college lacrosse season. He took into account my previous injuries during our workouts and even helped rehabilitate me from them. On the technical side, Will was very professional, knew what he was doing and constantly challenged me. He gave me the tools to not only be fit but stay fit and in a healthy sustainable way. On the personal side, he became a great friend over the years, who helped me view my body in a better way, and made working out fun. He does a great job at gauging your personality to find out what he needs to do to push you to do your greatest. For me, I needed a friend who wasn’t afraid to sass me and that’s exactly what I got. I would highly recommend Will to anyone who truly wants a sustainable healthy outcome. If you are looking for lazy short cuts he is not the man for you. If you are willing to work hard and make a lifestyle change he will get you to where you want to be.”
    — Marisa B.


1 Year Membership

$29.99 / per month
  • Unlimited gym use

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Month to Month

$49.99 / per month
  • Unlimited Gym Use

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